We want to hear from you!

After a year of consultation, we have finalized McMaster's first-ever Teaching and Learning Strategy. We are now coming back to you to celebrate our success, and collect ideas for how we can bring this strategy to life.

The implementation of the Strategy will impact how students learn, how instructors teach, and how staff support teaching and learning activities. Given the broad impact of this strategy, we want to engage McMaster staff, students and faculty to:

  • Join us in celebrating our success
  • Identify priority objectives for implementation
  • Share your ideas for teaching and learning
  • Highlight where barriers exist and resources that need to be developed

The engagement features of this platform are open to anyone with a McMaster email. Navigate to the "McMaster Login" button at the top to create an account.

The deadline to provide feedback is Friday, June 11, 2021.

How this works

Step 2: Have your say

Each impact area page has a section for you to have your say. For each impact area, you will have the opportunity to celebrate success, share ideas, suggest resources and rank priorities. All questions are optional.

You will need to Login to complete this step!

Step 3: Repeat for all impact areas

We encourage you to read and share your ideas for all four impact areas.

Who's listening

Your responses will be thoroughly reviewed by our dedicated project team. We will use the feedback collected to create a short summary to share back with the McMaster community and develop our implementation plan to move these objectives forward over the next 5 years.
Headshot of Susan Tighe

Susan Tighe

Provost and Vice-President (Academic)

Susan is responsible for fostering an environment that promotes equity & where creativity, scholarship, research and teaching excellence can flourish.

Headshot of Kim Dej

Kim Dej

Acting Vice Provost (Faculty) and Project Lead

Kim has led the development of the Teaching and Learning Strategy and will oversee implementation with the Teaching and Learning Advisory Committee.

Headshot of Christine Yachouh

Christine Yachouh

Project Manager

Christine is managing the implementation of the strategy including this engagement process and using your feedback to inform an implementation plan.